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Petline S.A. is the largest company distributing products for pets in Greece and Cyprus.

The company Petline SA is active in the field of Health representing the largest companies of diagnostic products and equipment for animals (domestic and productive) in the world and supplying for 20 years the Ministry of Rural Development, Research Centers (BRFAA) and University Institutions .

The products we choose in the company always have 2 common denominators, the unparalleled quality and the absolute satisfaction of the consumer / user.

Among the companies we represent is the company MyFamily known for the quality of manufacture of its products. All MyFamily products are manufactured entirely by hand in Italy.

The STOPDROPLET™ mask was created in Italy by the Company MyFamily based in the Community of Valenza, when during the Covid-19 pandemic of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the company decided, by converting its production, to manufacture and donate 30,000 masks to the community and services helping to deal with the emergency that was created.

MyFamily decided not to manufacture a simple mask but to design and create a more effective and safer solution providing a proper and comfortable protection for all.


It has been widely proven, contrary to what was originally said, that even a simple cloth that covers the nose and mouth, can partially reduce the possibility of infection. It also seems that in any case, the mask will no longer be a temporary solution but a daily tool that will have to accompany us for a long time. For this reason, it is important that the masks we will use meet very specific characteristicsin terms of the level of protection, the fabric, the application and the environmental impact.

Many of the paper or fabric masks, for example, do not have these characteristics, and above all they are likely even to create, in some ways, conditions even favorable for the transmission of a virus.

The massive use of a single-use plastic mask, on the other hand, would have a devastating ecological impact on the planet.

The main problems of traditional masks, apart from the partial safety they offer, are their great wear and tear mainly of the elastic bands, the inadequate construction materials and the not conveniently ergonomic shape.

On the other hand, the STOPDROPLET™ mask thanks to the special elasticity of the fabric and the folds that follow the shape of the face, guarantees a high degree of comfort even for use beyond 8 hours.

We know about masks, that it is not enough just to wear them, but we also need citizens to learn to use them in the best way, ensuring that the hands do not come into contact with the outside of the mask when we wear it and take it off, making sure that the nose and mouth are well protected, even from the side. That is why we have placed in our masks with a small flap that serves when we wear it or take it off, but also for lifting (for eating, drinking or taking a medicine, for example) without ever touching the fabric of the mask with our hands.

The fabric used is made of a specific laminate that guarantees excellent waterproofing. It is produced exclusively by a company in the world and we are the only ones in the world who are authorized to use it for protective masks.

We are pleased that we have created a special device that today represents the only tested solution in the world that guarantees the total impermeability of the fabric in the emission of droplets (or drops) of water that have the same characteristics as coughing or sneezing emitted by humans.

The masks that have been created are now the only ergonomic masks in the world that are certified with our laboratory tests and designed specifically to prevent the spread of droplets (droplets created when someone is talking, coughing or sneezing) that have potentially been infected with the virus, protecting the nose and mouth of those who wear and those around them at the same time.


People may catch COVID-19 from other carriers of the virus. The disease is transmitted from person to person through small droplets from the mouth and nose of the carrier that spread every time the carrier of the virus exhales or coughs. Droplets end up on objects and surfaces around the carrier. The disease is transmitted when someone touches these surfaces and then touches his eyes, nose or mouth. Transmission of COVID-19 is also possible if droplets are inhaled by the cough or exhalation of a carrier.


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