What protection does STOPDROPLET™ provide?

If combined with social distancing, frequent hand washing and other procedures proposed by international health organizations, it helps to prevent the spread of droplet-borne viruses.

If I wear the STOPDROPLET™ mask, am I sure I am not infected with viruses present in droplets?

No, non-infection is not only a result of wearing a mask. This is due to the fact that for example the virus could also be transmitted by a droplet that comes into contact with the eyes. We need integrated management of our behavior and the application of additional methods to completely reduce the likelihood of infection, as mentioned in the previous question.

If I wear the STOPDROPLET™ mask, am I sure I can't transmit potentially contaminated droplets to third parties?

Yes, if you wear the STOPDROPLET™ mask correctly and follow the instructions for use, block all droplets larger than 5 micron (small) that could carry viruses.

How can I be sure that I will not be infected with viruses carried in droplets?

There is no way to be sure that you are not infected with viruses carried in droplets. One can only try to reduce the risk. The risk is reduced by social distancing (keep at least 2 meters away from others), frequent washing of your hands, the use of a protective mask and special glasses, and by not touching your mouth, eyes and nose with your hands.

How does STOPDROPLET™ differ from other, private-use masks?

We maintain that any mask is useful and always better than not using any protection. Each mask, should be used in combination with other materials and methods of prevention. As a company we support the masks4all masks movement that promotes the use of even simple masks. STOPDROPLET™ masks are intended for those who are looking for a product created after detailed technical studies and are manufactured using a fabric with very specific characteristics of weaving, refractive and water and liquid repulsivity.


Is the STOPDROPLET™ mask certified?

Since the STOPDROPLET™ mask is not a surgical mask, neither a medical device nor a specialized personal protective device, no state approvals are necessary for its release. But because some quality certification is necessary for such a product, we developed our own test called AirDrop(let)Test to measure the ability of STOPDROPLET™ masks to filter the droplets and at the same time to guarantee the airflow required to allow the user to breathe freely and safely.

How does AirDropTest work?

AirDropTest is a test conducted with a specific machine that promotes an aerosol containing droplets, such that coughing and sneezing is simulated, on a cloth cloth and then measures the ability of that fabric to filter as well as the permeability of the fresh air that measures the "breath" of the person. The size of the droplets is measured with an infrared camera.

Can the STOPDROPLET™ mask be marketed?

Yes, of course, the STOPDROPLET™ mask is marketed in accordance with the provisions of article 16 of the legislative decree 17 March 2020 N.18 of the Italian state and therefore of the European Union.
It is neither a specialized personal protective device, nor a surgical mask, and it can not be used by those who are obliged by the nature of their profession to be equipped with masks certified as personal protective equipment .

Is the STOPDROPLET™ mask suitable for those required by existing laws and regulations to wear a mask in their workplace?

No, the STOPDROPLET™ mask is not a specialized personal protective device and does not cover the employee who wears it to comply with the regulations of his profession.

For a citizen living in an area where there is an obligation to wear a mask, can the STOPDROPLET™ mask allow him to comply with this obligation?

Yes, the provisions issued to date require protection of the face for the respiratory tract without describing their specific characteristics. You can use the STOPDROPLET™ mask to comply with the instructions that have been issued.


How many times can STOPDROPLET™ masks be used?

The use of the mask is possible for about 8 hours. After 8 hours it should normally be washed and disinfected. The STOPDROPLET™ mask can be washed with absolute safety according to the instructions for 10 times. The fact that it is reusable compared to disposable masks, allows you to significantly reduce the environmental impact that will be created by the discharge of masks into the environment.

How do I wear the STOPDROPLET™ mask?

It is necessary that the mask is worn as indicated in the instructions. Incorrect use significantly reduces the protective effectiveness of the mask

Is the STOPDROPLET™ mask waterproof?

Yes, the STOPDROPLET™ mask is waterproof on both sides (environment and user)

Is the STOPDROPLET™ mask made of natural material?

Yes the STOPDROPLET™ mask is made of natural fiber fabric. Most of the masks currently on the market are made of plastic material with a consequent strong environmental impact.

How do I remove the STOPDROPLET™ mask?

The STOPDROPLET™ mask is removed using the special flap so that your hands never touch the fabric of the mask


Do I have to wash the STOPDROPLET™ mask before I wear it for the first time?

Yes, before the first use, the STOPDROPLET™ mask must be washed and disinfected.

How many times can masks be washed?

It is possible to wash them at least 10 times. After 10 washes, we can no longer guarantee the original water-boosting characteristics.

How should STOPDROPLET™ masks be washed?

After 8 hours of use, they are washed by hand in water up to 60°C using a common detergent. If the mask is worn only for short periods (for example to do small daily tasks such as a short visit to a store) you do not need to do a full wash but simply disinfect it with SILVERDROPLET, our specialized disinfection liquid for fabric masks.

How does the STOPDROPLET™ mask dry?

After washing, it should be hung like any other type of clothing. It should not be dried in a clothes dryer.

Do I need to iron the STOPDROPLET™ mask after washing and drying?

Yes, the mask should be ironed with a medium iron after washing and drying to reactivate the water-boosting characteristics, always with caution in the tires.

How should STOPDROPLET™ masks be disinfected?

Used masks should be disinfected with their special disinfectant, spraying with disinfectant in commercial sprays (e.g. Dettol) or using a solution of high dilution bleach. WARNING!!! Concentrated bleach solution may discolor the mask but will not affect its effectiveness.


How long are orders delivered?

Orders are shipped within 24 hours on weekdays or the next business for orders placed on a weekend or on holidays, while delivery can take up to 4 business days. It depends on where you live

How and when should I pay?

Payment is expected after order confirmation or cash on delivery.

Payment can usually be made by the methods listed on our website.

How much does the cost of transportation cost?

The cost of transportation costs about 4 euros. If you buy 4 STOPDROPLET™ masks, then it is free for the Attica region.For other areas the cost will be calculated when you leave the online store.


Where is the STOPDROPLET™ mask made?

The STOPDROPLET™ mask is made entirely by hand in Italy in the Valenza (AL) region.

The special fabric used is purchased from a company based in Varese (VA). The same material is also used for the manufacture of medical uniforms that repel water as well as for muscular anti-inflammatory patches.


What should I do with the STOPDROPLET™ mask after 10 washes?

After the 10th use, the STOPDROPLET™ mask should be considered waste with similar treatment as an old garment.


In how many colors is there a STOPDROPLET™ mask?

The STOPDROPLET™ mask can be ordered in 4 colors: Blue, Fuchsia, Red and Black

How many sizes are there for the STOPDROPLET™ mask?

Today there is only one size, but soon we plan to produce a mask for children.


Is the MyFamily srl initiative a commercial activity or a philanthropic initiative?

MyFamily began manufacturing masks to give to her community. By the time of writing, 30,000 have already been donated and, thanks to the Municipality of Valenza and the Italian SG for Civil Protection, they have been distributed throughout Italy.

MyFamily continues to donate part of the proceeds from the sale of STOPDROPLET™ masks to entities and institutions, but the activity but the activity of making masks turned into a commercial activity.

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